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Software development is expensive and time consuming. I cannot completely eliminate these variables. However, I can provide fast development, create a friendly atmosphere, and make things less confusing. Maybe I could also offer alternative solutions to lower your cost.

If you would like to know more about my background or discuss about custom software development for your business, then email or call me to schedule an appoinment.

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    Apr 3 RT @MSFTnews: Microsoft makes @Windows Library for JavaScript cross-platform and open source
    Mar 20 RT @CNET: Google has announced that encryption is now mandatory in Gmail
    Mar 17 RT @TheHackersNews: Using #DuckDuckGo Search engine? Check DDG Goodies... '#Cryptography Hacks' & many more... http:…
    Apr 18 Telerik Open Sources Most Of Its Kendo UI HTML5 Framework by @fredericl
    Apr 18 For techies worried about becoming Glassholes, meet the subtle wearables:
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